Buscarino Prodigy

The Prodigy
Base Price: $9,000.00
Built with the discerning musician in mind the Prodigy is a step above your garden variety electric archtop. Built with solid woods and the same exacting standards and attention to detail as our Acoustic Archtop Line, The Prodigy stands alone as a quality player’s instrument. Designed for versatility the Prodigy can be built with one or two built-in pickups providing the player with whatever sound might be needed at any given time. One of the biggest obstacles Players face when plugging in their archtop is feedback, so when designing this model, increasing the threshold before feedback was of utmost importance. By leaving a 4” solid strip of wood down the center of both the top and the back respectively I have increased the rigidity of the instrument therefore decreasing the amount of feedback that occurs when the guitar is played at higher volumes. This design still allows for a warm and natural acoustic sound for practicing and also makes it possible to use a microphone to amplify the guitar if need be. If eliminating feedback altogether is more important to you we can use the lock top method which as its name implies “locks” the back and the top together with a center block which limits the sympathetic vibrations even more making feedback almost impossible. The Prodigy blends practicality, aesthetic beauty, quality craftsman ship and cutting-edge technology to create an instrument that is as inspiring to play as it is to look at.

Body width:  16″
Body Depth: 2 1/4″ OR 2 1/2″
Neck: 3 piece rock maple. 1 11/16″ or 1 3/4″ neck width standard. Custom widths no extra charge.
Body wood: Highly figured big leaf. Upgrade master grade woods $650. European cello woods  $900
Top wood: Aged and seasoned Alaskan sitka spruce. European cello top  $300
Sound hole: Standard scroll F-Holes. Chamfered  $300  Purfled $500
Cutaway: Single Venetian
Finish: High Gloss nitrocellulose lacquer in Natural, vintage natural, Honey Blonde, or single shades of brown or amber. Sunburst or custom color  $500
Binding: Flame maple.   Highly figured or exotic woods  $350
Fingerboard: Black or Macassar Ebony.   Exotic woods priced accordingly
Scale: 25″ 22 Frets
Inlays: Vine $1,200.  Blocks with Abalone or Ebony stripes, Rope ellipse or oval  $350
Frets: Nickel silver. Stainless Steel  $200
Headstock: Black or Ebony or Macassar Ebony veneer. Exotic woods priced accordingly.   Pickguard: Black or macassar ebony.  exotic woods priced accordingly
Tailpiece: Black or macassar ebony,   exotic woods priced accordingly
Tuners: Gotoh delta series 21:1 with ebony, or gold buttons
Truss rod: Two way adjustable
Pickup: 1 built in buscarino signature humbucker.  2nd built in signature humbucker $500
Bridge: Ebony base and saddle.  tune-o-matic bridge in gold $100
Case: hiscox lite flite.   hoffee carbon fiber with case cover $1,200
Style: standard 6-string.   left handed and 7-string $800
non refundable $1,000.00 deposit required

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