Acoustic Image Ten2 S4 PLUS 2×10 Combo Amp

ten2 frontThe world’s smallest and lightest 2X10 combo amp! The new plus model features the FLEX preamp! This is the best Ten2 yet!

This amp packs a serious punch! With both forward and down firing 10 inch speakers, this Amp Can™ handle a broad range of thick sound that amplifies your acoustic instrument and takes your performance to the next level! flat response that brings out the true tone of your fine acoustic instrument.

Major flexability and portability in this great 2×10 combo amp! I was amazing at the natural sound and power this amp puts out with a McPherson acoustic plugged in.  Even an external L.R. Baggs pickup like the M-1 sounds very nice through this amp.  Also works well for keyboards, bass, cello and a variety of other instruments.

Call or Email Sound Pure with any questions on how you can make the best use of this Acoustic Image amp!

 Design Goals

ten2 frontheadThe goal for the Ten2 was to produce a 2×10 combo amp unlike any other. We wanted it to be smaller and lighter than any other on the market and we wanted it to be “in the family” sonically but with the more up front sound usually associated with a front firing cabinet.

The Ten2 was designed to play louder than our other combos to give the player more flexibility in the settings in which the amp is played. For example, the Ten2 is comfortably used in electric bass situations that would be too loud for our other combos. The Ten2 has the added versitility of the removable 600W head for even louder situations.

Small size and light weight were paramount. At 32 lbs and 17 inches tall, the Ten2 is the smallest and lightest 2×10 combo on the market. The Ten2 EX is even smaller and lighter at 25 lbs and 14 inches tall. Even with the compact size, this is a “no compromise” combo. The head unit is the same as the Clarus with all of the features needed to meet the most stringent requirements of musical instrument amplification.

The broad frequency response, high power output and smooth, high fidelity sound make the Ten2 the ideal combo for all applications: acoustic bass, electric bass, guitar, keyboards, vocals, etc. Think of it as a high performance, compact PA system.

New features

The two-channel, Series 4PLUS Ten2 has two separate channels which can be used to blend two sources – two different pickups or mics (or a combination of the two), or two different instruments. The XLR and ¼” inputs are on separate jacks. Additionally, they are separately buffered, which means that you could effectively use both at once, on each channel. You would only have independent control if at least one of those sources had its own volume control (like a keyboard, or an instrument with an outboard active preamp) but it does open up the possibility of actually “mixing” up to four different sources.

The preamp features a new four-channel equalizer, as follows:

Low: Shelving, ±12dB at 50Hz Lo Mid: ±12dB at 250 Hz Hi Mid: ±12dB at 1200 Hz Treble: Shelving, ±12dB at 8 kHz

The built-in Digital Effects can be assigned to either channel (or both/neither), and the amount of the effects in your mixed signal can be adjusted with the level knob. The rate setting is now configurable (!) and the effects include the following presets:

Reverb Delay Reverb PLUS Delay

One last new feature – illuminated on/off buttons for the front panel controls to indicate whether the button is on (lit) or off (unlit). This is really helpful on a dark stage!

Some sounds samples here-under:

Jazz, Blues
Blue Tone Reamp
Single string
Finger picked
Finger picked + Vox

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