Scales for Cantaloupe Island

The chords are:    4 x F- / 4 x Db7 / 4 x D- / 4 x F-cantaloupe Island

So, Cantaloupe island is only three chords, F- D- and Db7

  • For F- and D- , we can use the minor pentatonics or the dorian scales for each chord.
  • For Db7 , we can use Db mixolydian, or Ab minor pentatonic or Ab dorian.
  • For the solo, either use a straight Db7, or also a Db7+4 (lydian dominant) chord/scale (Db Eb F G Ab Bb Cb Db)


Here’s a 1-scale approach derived from the melody:

The entire melody of this song is made of the f-blues scale (F-Ab-Bb-B-C-Eb). consequently you might stay with it while improvising. of course there are certain ‘clashes’ with some of the chords if you do this:

  • When it comes to Db7, we need to skip the C note (being the ^7  of Db7) or replacing it with Db note
  • When it comes to D-, there is a certain tension if you continue to play the f-blues scale – but it might work (alternatively you might switch to the d-blues scale for these 4 bars).

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