le corps brut telecaster (Body Swamp Ash Vintage Style)

In Gears on April 12, 2014 at 3:53 pm

acheté sur eBay, 110 $ + shipment 70 $, soit 180 $ ou 130 €

Fender Licensed Telecaster Tele Electric Guitar Body Swamp Ash Vintage Style

This is a Brand New Fender® licensed replacement body with beautiful Ash wood manufactured by Allparts.

Manufactured in the USA
Designed for Fender and Charvel bolt on necks, however it will fit any standard 2 3/16th neck.

  • It is made of the finest Swamp ash.
  • Factory predrilled to insure correct hole alignment.
  • Has been stamped with a serial number and date of manufacture.

The body was purchased new for the purpose of sale and has not been heavily used or abused in any way.

This is a factory 2nd and may have spots that need filling or sanding, no cracks or warpage, only cosmetic flaws.
Unfinished, ready to sand and spray.

Body pictured is the body being sold!!!!

Thank You for eBaying


  • American Swamp Ash
  • Factory Predrilled to Accept Two Point Tremolos
  • 2 3/16″ Neck Pocket
  • Four Screw Neck Mounting

acheté à AllParts

fraction decimal mm

2 3/16 2.1875 55.5625


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