The Dome, Archop Nylon jazz guitar

The Dome is an archtop jazz guitar feel with nylon string tone!

The Dome has the feel of the archtop jazz guitar; high bridge, arched top, 14 frets to the body, cutaway, narrower neck compared to classical, 12 inch radius fingerboard… any steel string archtop jazz player immediately feels at home with this instrument. It feels just like your steel string axe………but sounds very differently.

There are several models of Dome guitars, but they all come from the same mold; 16 ¼ inch cutaway, with basic scale length of 25 ½ inch.

The Dome; domed top, arched back, separate bridge and archtop style tailpiece; warm ánd percussive sound, very well suited for playing with a plectrum.

The Dome FB; model with Fixed Brige, glued to the top; a combination of archtop and classical style bridge, bringing the guitar a step closer to the sound of the traditional classical guitar, very well suited for fingerstyle playing.

The Cypress Dome (FB); The Cypress Dome features not only back and sides of Spanish cypress, but the neck is made in cypress as well.

More information at: Daniel Slaman Guitars at:




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