Jazz Blues in F Chords & Backing Track

jazz blues in F is a very common type of tune in jazz. The chord progressions are basic, but are not very easy to play over because there are a lot of harmonic possibilities and often the tempo is high.

Here are the chords:

| F7        | Bb7       | F7         |            |
| Bb7       | Bdim      | F7          | Am7   D7    |
| Gm7       | C7        | Am7   D7    | Gm7   C7    |

Many variations are possible to these chords, you’ll find them here:

Harmonic analysis

| I7         | IV7          | I7         |           |
| IV7        | #IVdim       | I7         |(II    V)   |
| II         | V            |(II   V)    | II    V    |

This blues is in the key of F.

  • You can’t get away here by playing the F blues scale all the time, you’ll sound boring and out of tune in some places. The F blues scale sounds good on the I and even better on the IV.
  • On the I you can play the F Mixolydian mode. Adding blue notes (sliding from ab to a natural for example) will sound nice and relevant 🙂
  • On the IV play Bb Mixolydian. Guitar position-wise it might be easier to think F Dorian here and stay in the same position.
  • On the #IV diminished chord you can play a B diminished scale (whole – half). The F blues scale works good as well here.
  • On the II V to Gm, you can play the G harmonic minor scale. You can play the C altered scale on C7 for variation.
  • Use arpeggios, they are your friend 🙂

    G Mineur harmonique
Bb Mixolydien

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