Raezer’s Edge FAQ: Guitar Amps?

Q: What guitar amp heads do you recommend with your cabinets ?

Fender UltraLight

A: Highly recommended is the new Clarus and Focus amplifers, by Acoustic Image.   The new Clarus 2R+ is outstanding with an extra channel for a microphone. Other recommended amp heads are the Evans – AH200, Fender Jazzmaster Ultralight and the Walter Woods. These are solid state and have built in reverb units, except for Walter Woods. The Fender Ultralight Jazzmaster works best with our 4 ohm Twin 8 and Twin 8 Tower cabinets. Tube type amps work well also, and sound best with our 8 ohm speaker cabinets and they are safer with the 8 ohms.


Amplifiers that are ”Combos” ( built in speakers ) work well also. Some of these amplifiers have an extension speaker out jack. Typically our 8 ohm cabinets work best with these.


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