Blues Guitar Riffs

Albert Collins said,”I was told when I started to play that simple music is the hardest music in the world to play. And blues is simple music”. This blues guitar lesson has 20 simple blues guitar riffs you can learn to play by ear. They are all in the key of “A” and most are in the 5th position (first finger on the 5th fret.). Good luck & funky blues…

1. Backwards & bluesy

2. Bend & pull off

3. Scrape up

4. Gliss down

5. Double note slide

6. Reverse bend

7. Double stops

8. Slide to vibrato

9. Chicken pickin’

10. Ghost note

11. Funky shuffle

12. Broken chord

13.Roller coaster slide

14. Harmonized slide

15. Pull off – volume knob

16. Hammer On

17. Power chords

18. Syncopation

19. Thumb hook

20. Thumb slide

Good luck and funky blues @ Johnny Mayer.

from BluesforPeace

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