Alfie’s theme

alfie affichefrThe original film soundtrack featured jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins with local musicians from London including Stan Tracey on piano, who improvised “Little Malcolm Loves His Dad” (although never credited), Rick Laird on bass, Phil Seamen on drums, Ronnie Scott on tenor sax. The released soundtrack album, recorded in the United States with orchestration by Oliver Nelson, featured Rollins with J.J. Johnson – trombone (tracks 1 & 2), Jimmy Cleveland – trombone (tracks 3-6), Phil Woods – alto saxophone, Bob Ashton – tenor saxophone, Danny Bank – baritone saxophone, Roger Kellaway – piano, Kenny Burrell – guitar, Walter Booker – bass and Frankie Dunlop – drums

The title song, “Alfie“, written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David, was sung by Cher over the film’s closing credits in the US release reaching #32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.[8] It became a hit for British singer Cilla Black (Millicent Martin sang Alfie on its British release) and for Madeline Eastman and Dionne Warwick. Numerous jazz musicians have covered it and it has become a jazz standard.

alfie affiche

Sonny Rollins – Alfie
Record Label: Impulse ▪ Release Date: 1965 ▪ Style(s): Bop
Sonny Rollins – Tenor Sax ▪ Jimmy Cleveland, J.J. Johnson – Trombone ▪ Phil Woods – Alto Sax ▪ Bob Ashton – Tenor Sax ▪
Danny Bank – Baritone Sax ▪ Roger Kellaway – Piano ▪ Kenny Burrell – Guitar ▪ Walter Booker – Bass ▪ Frankie Dunlap – Drums ▪
Oliver Nelson – Conductor


the trailer:


Alfie is movie that is both out of date and yet ahead of its time. Its depiction of swinging sixties culture is historical and what once seemed risque, is now rather tame. However, it features an abortion scene that you would never see in a movie today (and wasn’t included in the 2004 remake).

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