Guitar capacitors in brief

sprague-orange-drop-cap-022The capacitor acts on the high frequencies of the pickups. He will filter these frequencies. The capacitors have different values ​​ranging from 0.001 to 0.47mF.

The higher the value, the more it cuts the treble.



A  .22mF capacitor cut less treble than a .47mF capacitor.

A simple pickup Fender is quite bright and rather acute. We will want to cut the most treble. So we will put a .47mF. But some guitarists like treble, for example on a Telecaster in country style,  and will put a .22mfd. Like its’s a matter of taste!

A double humbucker pickup is rather dark. We will not want to remove too much treble. So we will put a .22mfd capacitor to use its whole sound palette.


Nevertheless, a Dark Metal player who plays rhythmically will be able to try a .47mfd capacitor, also a  jazz player who wants a deafer sound too.


But in brief generally we have :

  • .22mF for humbucking pickups
  • .33mF for bass
  • .47mF for single coil pickups.

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