Francis Bebey & the Magic Box

In Classic, Partitions on June 13, 2016 at 10:19 am

Calling for help! Can anyone help me to get the score sheet? the partition? I only found a limited tab paper… Thanks in advance.

(the tab is at the bottom)

“The Magic Box” refers to an argument in Francis Bebey’s childhood village
in Cameroon. Someone had brought a box to the village . Inside this box was
a phonograph. None there had ever seen or heard of such a thing until this
moment so it came as a surprise when it began to play music. They believed
there was a little man somewhere in the box, but no one could see him. The
elders had an ongoing discussion as to the nature of this little man and his
magic box. “The Magic Box” pays hommage to this. (It was finally settled that
the tiny musician must live on the record itself because the music wouldn’t
play without it.)

The tab is here :

Magic Box – Francis Bebey tab


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