How to get your Jazz tone on a Telecaster?

Uploaded on May 4, 2011…
In this demo we use the Henriksen Jazz Amp 112 er with a Nash T-57, T-63, and T-72 DLX. The Fender Telecaster is an icon in the guitar world. Its bright, gritty tone is well known throughout many genres such as rock, blues, country, and more. Not many people realize that it can sound fantastic in a jazz setting as well. The key to getting a jazz sound on a telecaster is cutting down the high’s a little and boosting the lows on the amp, while having the tone knob on the guitar halfway and the volume all the way up. This will give you a warm, creamy tone that works well with jazz. If you have any questions on about this video or the gear that was used, please give the experts at Sound Pure a call. 919.682.5552. or toll free at 888.528.9703. To check out the guitars used in this demo click the following links:………

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