Fender Pro Reverb Amp – SOLD

For all lovers of the Fender vintage sound, I am selling my 1969 old Fender Pro Reverb Silverface.

40 Watts, 2 x 12 original speakers, full tubes (replaced)

I just posted it on eBay,

Despite its age, it is still in neat condition, and sounds perfect. It was regularly maintained by professional, tubes changed, Fender string reverb renewed, footswitch included, original cover also included.

Also you can find here  the Instruction manual  and the Owner manual.

I still use it on stage up to now. Just switching Amp, I hope I will not regret. 🙂

I can send it internationally, at cost, through UPS, Fedex or any others carriers.

If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me, I’ll respond to any question.




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