All types of woods for your fingerboard

Indian Rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia):Here we have the most popular fingerboard wood! Indian Rosewood has the warm “rock-n-roll” tonality you’ve heard on many of the most famous rock albums in history. The warm tone is also a favorite amongst blues players. Rosewood contains natural oils so a finish is not required. The feel is also smooth and fast. Colors range from brown to dark purple to lighter purple with yellows and sometimes hues of orange and green.
Mahogany (Khaya ivorensis):Commonly called African Mahogany. This is the wood most associated with Gibson guitars. Mahogany is known to provide the warmest, fattest guitar tones. An open grain wood requiring more work in finishing to fill the open pores. Usually a dark to medium brown with only subtle grain patterns.
Maple, Birdseye (Acer saccharum):Birdseye is a type of figure found in Hard Maple. It shows best in flat sawn wood. There is a wide variety of sizes and shapes in the “eyes.” Under a gloss finish, the Birdseye takes on a 3D look for a beautiful visual appeal. There seems to be a recurring rumor that Birdseye Maple is unstable and not suited to guitar necks. Having made tens of thousands of Birdseye necks, we can assure you that it is no different in stability than plain maple. AAA grade means the wood will be a bit more figured than our standard.
Maple, Flame (Acer saccharum):While there are several maple species that show the flame figure, the only one hard enough for making necks is Acer saccharum. Identical to plain Hard Maple, except for the highly prized flame figuring. For even more flame figure, AAA grade can be requested. A different species of Flame Maple is used for body laminate tops.
Maple, Hard (Acer saccharum):This is the most traditional Fender neck wood. Dense, hard and strong, offering great sustain and stability. The tone is bright. Maple must be finished to protect from warping. The figure varies greatly and does at times contain some birdseye. Most often flatsawn with quartersawn available as an option.
Palisander Rosewood (Dalbergia baroni):The color varies from light violet to darker purples, sometimes with darker stripes. The best smelling wood around. Very hard with a somewhat open cell structure. As with most Rosewood, the tone is warm and the natural feel is fast. Limited availability.
Ebony (Diospyros melanoxylon):Very hard, smooth and fast feeling, it has a bright, long sustaining tone. Chocolate brown or dark gray streaks are not uncommon. Ebony has a long history of a preferred fingerboard choice of high-end electric guitar builders. An excellent choice for fretless necks. Available primarily as fingerboards and occasionally for full neck construction.

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