Seymour Duncan Wiring Diagram

for Pickup Models: STL-1b, STR-1, STL-1, APTL-1, APTR-1, STL52-1, STR52-1, STL-2, STR-2, STL-3, STR-3, APTL-3JD


The basic steps for Lead Pickups include:

  1. Remove the strings from your guitar.
  2. Remove the control plate and flip it over.
  3. De-solder the original pickup’s wires from the controls and make sure to remember where they were connected.
  4. Remove the original pickup from the bridge.
  5. Put the Seymour Duncan pickup into the bridge.
  6. Tin the wires from the Seymour Duncan pickup, and then solder them into place (see Fig. 1. For tapped wiring options, see Fig. 2 and 3).
  7. Re-attach the bridge to the top of the guitar.
  8. Re-string your guitar and adjust the pickup height so that your new pickup is set between 1/8” and 1/16” from the strings (when they are pressed down at the highest fret on the neck). Then adjust the height of the rhythm pickup so that it balances properly with the output of the lead pickup that you just installed.

Bilderman 2014.04.13 16-33-54


Seymour Duncan document: 501010-105

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