ressources: Singlecoil web site


excellent web site: Singlecoil, just go  and check 🙂

 This is the chapter about cool guitar modding projects that will help you to enhance your guitar with a minimum of work and money. Most of the mods are very simple and not really new, but as you know the old-fashioned and simple things always work best 😉 A good way to practise is to buy a used and cheap guitar and make it the modding guitar. Here you can try, practise and test all the things. If you like the mod, perform it on your real guitar and have fun !


  The real Les Paul vintage wiring and some tricks (PDF, 540kb)

You have a good Les Paul guitar but it don´t sounds like the guitars from the famous Burst slingers ? Here is how you can convert your Les Paul into a vintage sounding, roaring monster. Thanks to Udo Pipper from G&B for publishing the vintage wiring diagrams of the tone pots. You can purchase tested and selected pots and caps in our Webshop


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