Introduction to Audio

SoundThis beginner-level tutorial covers the basics of audio production. It is suitable for anyone wanting to learn more about working with sound, in either amateur or professional situations. The tutorial is five pages and takes about 20 minutes to complete.

What is “Audio”?

Audio means “of sound” or “of the reproduction of sound”. Specifically, it refers to the range of frequencies detectable by the human ear — approximately 20Hz to 20kHz. It’s not a bad idea to memorise those numbers — 20Hz is the lowest-pitched (bassiest) sound we can hear, 20kHz is the highest pitch we can hear.

Audio work involves the production, recording, manipulation and reproduction of sound waves. To understand audio you must have a grasp of two things:

  1. Sound Waves: What they are, how they are produced and how we hear them.
  2. Sound Equipment: What the different components are, what they do, how to choose the correct equipment and use it properly.

Audio Tutorials

IntroIntroduction to Audio; The basics of sound theory, sound equipment and audio work.
Audio ConnectorsConnections; Audio cables and connectors, wiring instructions, etc.
MicrophonesHow Microphones Work; Basic microphone technology, examples of common types, characteristics, etc.
Using Microphones, How to choose the correct microphone and use it properly.
Audio Mixing DeskSound Mixers; An introduction to sound mixers, from small portable units to studio consoles.
Balanced Audio TechnologyBalanced Audio, How balanced audio works and how to use it in your systems.
Sound Quality, Controlling sound levels and quality.
Audio NoiseNoise Types & Colours, White noise, pink noise, etc.

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