Grant Green’s D’Aquisto New Yorker

daquisto grant green archtopThis guitar was handmade for the very famous Grant Green in 1972. As Rudy Pensa tells the story, Grant Green’s son “told me about when he took a trip to D’Aquisto’s house with his father to pick up the instrument. He loved it so much that he spent days without putting the guitar down.”

This particular D’Aquisto is an 18” New Yorker in an amazing Tobacco Sunburst finish. The guitar has an incredible spruce top, beautiful flamed maple back and sides, maple neck with ebony fingerboard, and mother of pearl inlays. On the fingerboard you can see Grant Green’s name on mother of pearl. The headstock has the “New Yorker” inlayed in mother of pearl as well. Not only the guitar is extremely well made, but also it has an incredible sound.

After Grant Green’s death, the guitar belonged to George Benson’s collection for many years, until Rudy Pensa traveled to Arizona to photograph Benson’s collection, and he agreed to sell the guitar to Rudy. Now it belongs to Rudy, and it’s back in the family, among others, D’Angelico, D’Aquisto and Monteleone.

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C’est une guitare Archtop, conçue par le maitre luthier James D’Aquisto en 1972, un très bel instrument  avec un son incroyable, une table d’harmonie fabuleuse en épicéa, un dos et des éclisses en érable magnifiquement ondé. Le manche est lui aussi en érable et la touche est en ébène avec des incrustations de nacre.*

James D’Aquisto, Archtop guitar NewYorker, deluxe model, serial number 1055, 1972


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