Jazz quotations

Wes Montgomery Quotes “I got a standard box. I don’t never want nothing special. Then if I drop my box, I can borrow somebody else’s.” – Wes Montgomery (his “standard box” was the hollowbody Gibson L5-CES – cutaway electric Spanish)

Miles Davis Quotes  “If you’re trying to be hip, be hip.” – Miles Davis

Steve Lacy Quotes  “In fifteen seconds the difference between composition and improvisation is that in composition you have all the time you want to decide what to say in fifteen seconds, while in improvisation you have fifteen seconds.” – Steve Lacy

B.B. King Quote  “Charlie Christian had no more impact on my playing than Django Reinhardt or Lonnie Johnson. I just wanted to play like him. I wanted to play like all of them. All of these people were important to me. I couldn’t play like any of them, though …” – B.B. King

etc … Jazz Quotations at http://www.jazzquotations.com/

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