RMC Piezo Pick-up – Poly-Drive II and others


Perfect for accoustic guitar amplification, the Poly-Drive II is a 6-Channel Polyphonic Active Electronics

The RMC Poly-Drive II is a 6 channel polyphonic preamp with 3-band equalizer and guitar/synth controls in a Direct Box format. The unit measures 3.5″ X4.5″ X2.3″ and operates either from the onboard 9V battery or from bipolar phantom power (+/-7 VDC) typically provided by Roland guitar synths and compatible processors.The Polyphonic section of the preamp buffers the separate string signals and routes them separately to the POLY OUT jack. The separate string signals are also combined in the ‘DMX’ feedback elimination circuit which produces a mono instrument signal. The mono signal is then equalized, passed through the INSTR. VOLUME control, buffered with a low output impedance Line Driver and fed to both the MONO OUT and the POLY OUT jacks. 

  • External to instrument for best acoustic performance
  • Sturdy metal case for reliability on stage and in the studio
  • 3-Band EQ with Mid-Frequency Select switch
  • ‘DMX’ Acoustic Feedback elimination circuitry
  • Synth Volume and SW1 & SW2 Synth Mode Selectors
  • Excellent synth tracking and dynamic response
  • Compatible with all current Guitar to MIDI converters
  • Two output jacks: 13-pin DIN and 1/4″ phone
  • Works on single internal 9V battery or phantom power
  • Studio Quality performance 90 dB S/N typical

POLY-DRIVE II Remote Polyphonic Active Electronics

Designed to complement the exceptional sound and versatility of the Acoustic Gold pickup, the POLY-DRIVE II is by far the best Active Electronics unit available for steel or nylon string acoustic guitar.

Housed in a separate enclosure for minimum instrument modification, it features 6 ‘factory equalized’ string channels, feedback eliminator circuitry, a 3-band EQ with Mid-Range Frequency Select switch, and synth drive controls. Power can be supplied either internally by a single 9V battery or externally via the 13-pin DIN connector when the unit is connectd to a polyphonic processor, guitar/synth or MIDI converter.

The unit comes complete with a 6ft. multi-conductor cable and locking DIN instrument connector for easy operation and high reliability in demanding stage and studio applications. Longer cable lengths are also available at a slight surcharge.

Poly-Drive II
complete with  6ft. multi-conductor cable & instrument connector

More on RMC web site

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