Frame Works Guitar

Nylon String Guitar

Modern Classic

The MODERN CLASSIC is dedicated to contemporary jazz-, pop- & rock-players. It combines outstanding nylon-string sound with a playability that suits best to the requirements of modern musical styles.

Featuring similar detail to the high-end CLASSICAL FRAME but with a narrower fingerboard (48 mm at saddle) and slimmer neckshape.

The action comes set slightly lower and can be adjusted. The different “body” shape, with the frame-to-neck connection at the 14th/18th fret, allows even greater access to the higher frets.

Optional also available with built-in MIDI interface.


Length: 835 mm / 32.87 in.
Width max.: 74 mm / 2.91 in.
(without frame)
Neck Width at nut: 48 mm / 1.89 in.
Scale length: 650 mm / 25.59 in.
String spacing – nut: 8,0 mm / 40,0 mm
String spacing – bridge: 11,2 mm / 56,0 mm
Weight: app. 1750 gr. / 3.86 lb.
Number of frets: 22 (medium)

Steel String Guitar

FRAME Works STEEL-STRING GUITARS are dedicated to the ambitious steel-string player, seeking a simple, yet sophisticated and well designed instrument for professional uses. As with the nylon-string instruments, sound, functionality and attention to detail are our paramount considerations.

A choice of two pickup / string configurations are available:

The Acoustic Frame  conceived for the use with regular “bronze wound” strings, matches the requirements of the steel-string “acoustic” guitarist.

The Jazz Frame for the use with medium or heavy gauge “electric guitar” strings, additionally equipped with an ebony covered magnetic pickup at the neck position – custom-made by HÄUSSEL PICKUPS.

Necks of the steel-string models are reinforced with a two-way adjustable truss rod. String action and intonation is adjustable via individual sliding bridge saddles. Frames meet the body at the 14th/18th fret, providing optimum access to the higher frets.

Refined fingerstyle techniques are aided by the wider fingerboard (45 mm at saddle), which uses the traditional 16″ radius. Side dot markers provide easy fingerboard orientation.

Available with optional built-in MIDI access for connection to Guitar-to-MIDI converters.


Acoustic Frame and Jazz Frame

Length: 843 mm / 33.19 in.
Width max.: 76 mm / 2.99 in.
(without frame)
Neck Width at nut: 45 mm / 1.77 in.
Scale length: 645 mm / 25.39 in.
String spacing – nut: 7,8 mm / 39,0 mm
String spacing – bridge: 11,2 mm / 56,0 mm
Weight: app. 1850 gr. / 4.08 lb.
Number of frets: 22 (medium)

A short demo of the FRAME WORKS midi modern classic guitar. This clip was recorded live to two track in November 2010 in a recording studio showing the “pure clean” sound of the guitar, improvising on a Bossa Nova-backing track, which Thomas programmed.

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