Jazz Practice Main Chords sequences and back tracks

Here are some of the most usual chord sequences used in jazz. You should transpose the basic harmony to all the keys and play along with the Midi Files

The Generic Sequence


Midi File

IIm – V7

Dm – G7

IIm V7

IIm – V7 – Imaj7

Dm – G7 – Cmaj7

IIm V7 Imaj7

IIm7b5 – V7alt – Im6

Dm7b5 – G7alt – Cm6

IIm V7 Imin

Imaj7 – VI7b9 – IIm7 – V7 – IIIm7 – VI7b9 – II7 – V7 Cmaj7 – A7b9 – Dm7 – G7 – Em7 – A7b9 – D7 – G





V7 – Imaj7

G7 – Cmaj7

V7 Imaj7

Practice the exercises in a slow tempo at first and increase the speed gradually until you master them.
1 – index; 2 – middle; 3 – ring; 4 – small.

from Guitar Solo

Midi backing tracks also here

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