Dating Fender Amps new attempt

1968 Fender “Drip-Edge” Pro Reverb (Early 1968)

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These amps are good for the whole SRV thing I hear, Think SRV used a one early on before the dumble and marshal days

Blues man il y a 1 semaine

bet that bass sounds great in person

UKToneKing il y a 4 mois

what kind of speakers are in this beast? Great playing!

Jbeland1 il y a 6 mois

informative thx

DoctorRazzArea4 il y a 7 mois

That AMP to me is better than a BLACKFACE, here R my reason’s why (A) it has the same circuit as a blackface, (B) it cost a lot less than a Blackface, (C) IMO it looks better than a blackface, their is just 3 reasons why, why pay double for the same amp when the only difference would be the faceplate, to me that would be insanity, U could buy a blackface faceplate for that amp, & if it is one of the first ones, then nobody would be any the wiser, due to that having the same circuit, it’s a jem

UKToneKing il y a 8 mois

I have a 1973 fender pro reverb and my serial is A15885. Last year before they added the master volume.

BrockDavisson1978 il y a 8 mois

  • Master volume/Mid control added: A20000 to A21500 – 1976
  • A6 + 5-digits – 1976
  • A7 + 5-digits – 1977
  • A8 + 5-digits – 1978
  • A9 + 5-digits – 1979
  • B + 5-digits – 1975, 1976
  • F0 + 5-digits – 1980
  • F1 + 5-digits – 1981
  • F2 + 5-digits – 1982
  • F3 + 5-digits – 1983
  • F4 + 5-digits – 1984
  • F9 + 5-digits – 1979, 1980

BrockDavisson1978 il y a 8 mois

The chassis serial number will help date the amp. It is on the right, stamped into the back of the chassis.

  • Pro Reverb AA1265, AB668, AA1069, AA270 (silverface)
  • A10000 to A10500 – 1967
  • A10500 to A12000 – 1968
  • A12000 to A13300 – 1969
  • A13400 to A14500 – 1970
  • A14500 to A15000 – 1971
  • A15000 to A15600 – 1972
  • A15600 to A17200 – 1973
  • Master Volume added: A17200 to A19700 – 1974
  • A19700 to A20000 – 1975

BrockDavisson1978 il y a 8 mois

  • I noticed you said your serial is “A10259” and your title of this video says 1968, well buddy I’d like to tell you you actually have a 1967 version based on specs that I’ll post.

BrockDavisson1978 il y a 8 mois

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