Lex Bos Superdrive

Fell in love with this superdrive, does anyone know how to find and buy one of those?

The Lex Bos is a SuperDrive (PTP) hand-built overdrive pedal for electric guitar. The SuperDrive has two ECC83 (12AX7) tubes and was created (and is still being developed) in collaboration with guitarists. The guitar signal always passes through the 2 tubes in series. The SuperDrive is touch sensitive and has a warm, natural, transparent and dynamic sound. Even at low volume he gives a good overdrive sound. This is supported by several guitarists as inspiring. For a tube overdrive pedal is the SuperDrive relatively compact design and is extremely simple to operate. The pedal is provided with a true bypass connection, switching is stationary and contains two channels. The first channel is primarily intended for a crunch bluesy sound, when the second channel, the tubes further into saturation.

Volume, channel gain and tone controls are independently adjustable. The versatility in sound of course depends in part on guitar, guitar type, peripherals and used amplifier.

The SuperDrive still has (small but not insignificant) developments. If you want to keep track of the latest upgrade … drop me an e-mail contact. The conversion is completely free of charge as well as other, non-invasive, modifications.

The adventure goes still further, there are still unique opportunities to improve the sound.

May 2012 SuperDrive IV was developed with the following changes:

Signal: noise ratio is greatly improved (pretty quiet)

Tone controls-switchable between Marshall (GB) type and Fender (USA) type, per channel

-Presence control per channel

– ± 3dB booster

May 2012 There is a full demo of Super Drive IV in the works by Jay-P Beijerrsbergen.

From March 2012 SuperDrive IV in development. New is a presence control on each channel and a 3db boost footswitch, otherwise the signal to noise ratio is greatly improved.

During NAMM U.S. from January 19 2012 is the SuperDrive III Final in the Rockett Pedals Booth 1112 * Downstairs in Hall E (http://www.rockettpedals.com/news/).

March 2011: The SuperDrive in Dallas very well received at the Dallas International Guitar Festival. A message (Chris Van Tassel from Rockett Pedals, USA):

“The show was ok but the response to the products was great. The SuperDrive sounds great and had people freaking out about the tones. My partner Jay Rockett is now a huge fan of it! Among others George Lynch really liked it. The pedal is outstanding and people really Responded well. Thanks Lex “.

At the U.S. NAMM in January SD 2011 is already promoted by Josh Smith … what do you know 🙂

Lex Bos

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