Reggae rhythms strums

How to play reggae guitar lesson part 1. I use few bars of Stir It Up by Bob Marley to demonstrate guitar rhythm and work in key of A. My Amp settings: Out of 10 my gain is set low to about 2, my Bass is about 3, my Mid is about 4 and my Treble is about 7.  When I strike the strings I keep my wrist relaxed and don’t hit too hard.

Chords: A x4 – D x2 – E x2

lyrics here

Reggae strumming guitar lesson pt2, the upstroke. I use Bad Boys by Inner Circle to demonstrate off the beat reggae strumming using the upstroke

Lyrics here

Reggae strumming guitar lesson pt3 I use No, No, No by Dawn Penn to show reggae rhythm on the guitar. I play a G&L tribute asat special electric guitar. The chords I use are mainly Am and D and I slide down to the C and to G

lyrics here

Reggae strumming lesson pt4 I cover Ska and show 2 different rhythms on electric guitar

Reggae Rhythm Guitar Lesson pt5. I explain a bit more in depth about muting the strings by taking the chord hand off the fret board and an excercise to help you strenghen your chord hand.

Clare Dowling

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