Funky Rhythms & Riffs

Funky Chords – 95 bpm – A Dorian

Mainly based around a repetitive Dorian I – IV that ends with V altered seven back to I, the study presents some common funky chords, with some voices moving based around 7ths 6ths and 4ths to 3rds.

Am7 – Am6 – Am7 – Am6 – Dsus7 -D7 – Dsus7 – D7
Am7 – Am6 – Am7 – Am6 – Dsus7 -D7 – Dsus7 – E7#5 – Am7

Theory Focus

When you find 7th chords not diatonic to the key, most of the time are secondary dominant, that without write a book, are diatonic chords altered, to match the 7th chord formula and create tension, toward another diatonic chord, in this case or E7#5.

Techniques Focus

A rule of thump when playing sixteenth-notes Funks, is never stop your right hand! The only exception to this rule is with sixteenth notes triplets, where the right hand stops after played the last upstroke for just a sixteenth, to start again with a down stroke, without altering the Down Up pattern.

Pro Tips: Play Hard and with conviction, there is no place for shy player in funk!

      E   S S S S E  S S S S E  S S    E   E  S S E  S S S S E  S S 

D sus 7 : e-3, B-1, G-2, D-O, A-O, E-do not strum

Suspended 7th chords are just like the sus4 chords except you add the b7 tone to it. As we understand Chord Construction by stacking thirds, we understand that the Sus chords are made from the 1,4,5 tones of the Major Scale in the same key. IE. if we wanted to find a Csus7 chord we would have to figure out the C Major scale. We know that it is C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C. So C is the 1st tone, D is the 2nd, etc… So we now know that a Csus7 chord has the notes C,F,G,Bb.


Csus7 = C,F,G,Bb Gsus7 = G,C,D,F Dsus7 = D,G,A,C

Asus7 = A,D,E,G

Esus7 = E,A,B,D

Bsus7 = B,E,F#,A

F#sus7 = F#,B,C#,E

C#sus7 = C#,F#,G#,B

Fsus7 = F,Bb,C,Eb Bbsus7 = Bb,Eb,F,Ab Ebsus7 = Eb,Ab,Bb,DbAbsus7 = Ab,Db,Eb,Gb

Dbsus7 = Db,Gb,Ab,Cb(B)

Gbsus7 = Gb,B(Cb),Db,Fb(E)

Cbsus7 = Cb,E(Fb),Gb,Bbb(A)

for print: Funky Rhythms

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