Evans AH200 Amplifier

The AH200 is a modern take on a vintage American design. This US made head is a direct descendant of the legendary Jim Evans amps, only much more flexible for today’s artist on the move. Professional refinements are everywhere, including front panel controls that are also silk-screened to the top of the unit for fast adjustment and a 15 foot non-detachable power cord.

This unique amplifier head provides exceptional tone together with a meaningful compliment of boutique features that you can really use. Along with high-end boost Buff control, you’ll discover the adjustable layout and mix controls for Reverb, Reverb & Flange and Reverb & Chorus.

Like its bigger brothers in the Evans amp family, this 5 lb. head has a remarkable Effects Loop for incorporating external effects with or without the ones that are built in. The ¼” Preamp Out is the sonic identical twin to placing a microphone in front of a speaker. This signal is perfect for recording or sending to a direct box for a P. A. It also has a headphone jack for silent rehearsing.

Also, the included padded Tuki gig bag protects more than just the AH200. It has a large back pocket for sheet music, two handy Velcro cord wraps and enough extra room for a tuner, guitar strap or pedal.

Topped off with a traditional black leather handle, the AH200 is a highly functional and portable amplifier head with a knockout punch. Dynamite does come in small packages! The list price is $1274 and your cost is $1146. Call or click now to order yours today!


  • 200W RMS output
  • Digital Revert + Effects
  • 1/4″ Preamp & Headphone Out
  • 5″H x 13″W x 8″D; 5 pounds
  • Tuki padded Gig Bag included

J. Hale Price: $1082.00

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