Welcome. This is about guitar, and jazz, about methods , tips, technics, licks… found on the internet, Should you have any issue with my posting, drop me a mail, I’ll arrange that. The tags or the category selector underneath may help you find what you look for. Thanks to all

if pages or posts are protected, just ask and … Good jam.

selected originals on Deezer.

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  1. You are using my photograph of Tal Farlow without permission. If you would like to continue using it, please credit it – or link it to the Flckr page where you found it. Otherwise, please remove it.

  2. hi! i was delighted to see that you are using my wes montgomery discography. i have further updated it by now. if you would like to continue using it i’d be happy if you at least credit me. my name was mentioned on the paper version where this one was retyped from. i’d be happy to be in touch.

  3. Now, it is necessary to know that the strings on the guitar, all of
    them represent or play a note. I’m very happy that way, no regrets and I’m not bitter.
    You will also need to learn about vibrato and the
    different types of chords, including minor and diminished.

  4. Hello there! This web site is fantastic. You did a superb job with all the biographies, pictures, licks, gear, and stuff. I arrived here looking for some funky chords and I found all this information. Congratulations.
    I have a question, too.
    Would it be possible to access the “repertoire” section?
    Thanks again for your work.

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